16 August 2006


It seems as if I have done nothing but sit in the bedroom and just listen to Without You over and over and over again. I am stuck.

I met with Matt's mom and roommate this morning and after the meeting I took some clothes over to the funeral home for him. Not sure if there is going to be a "service" or just a visitation and then his family and close friends take his ashes and spread them. Matt was very fortunate that his family loved, and supported him even through the HIV and AIDS. Tonight I celebrate his life.


Anonymous said...

James - I"m sorry for your loss. There are no words to comfort you. I hope every loss from HIV/AIDS is a wake up call to just one person. We (everyone) needs to funnel money into research instead of writing us off so easily.
I admire you and thank you for your blog. I suffer from our disease in silence and isolation to avoid the shame my children would bare.

Robert K. said...

Hey Kid.
First, let me say how sorry I am for you loss. I Have been + for almost 13 yrs, and at first took no meds., until I had too because I started going through the 'wasting' part of HIV. I was put on Crixivan, and aft. getting kidney stones from it, was then put on Trixivan. Both meds. worked very well for me, and I have been very health the whole time I was on them. After about ten years on them, and going through an 11yr breakup, I started questioning my treatment when I discovered there was AZT in my meds.; which I'm against. I desided to give by body a break from all the meds., and have been off them for about a yr. now.I have major back problems, but I workout as much as I can, amd started taking as many organic minerals and vit. that I could afford; and I am very lucky to have a loving family. My counts have droped, but I 'feel' so much better. Upon my oun research, I found many inconsistencies with the 'vieral load' test, among many other HIV 'dogma', and nolonger ever pay any attention to it. I know I have been very fortunate to have stayed health all this time- but I do not believe it was the new drugs. I believe the 'hope' they bring is was help people who are HIV+. If there is anything I can advise you on, or simply be a friend to talk to, I would be happy to help in any way I could. I commend you on your web page, and shairing your story with others. If I can help, or advise, or just be someone to 'vent' too, I would be happy to:)
You can e-mail me at twilightrising@hotmail.com anyyime, if you like. Hang in there kid. You'll be ok, but your state of mind is everything- try and believe you will be fine. feel free to e-mail me anytime. Take care.