20 November 2007

Happy Holidays?!?

Wow...so OMG I totally have a new catergory for a blog other than life. Which I personally think that relationships are a part of life. They do pose a new set of rules and challenges though so I suppose it is worthy enough to have it's own myspace Blog Catergory. So I must admit I don't really know how to handle a situation and I am needing some advice. Please be nice in the advice!

I will not be celebrating this Thanksgiving with my beau. I just found this out a few hours ago. It would really bother me no matter what year it was...however, this will be our first one. I don't get in the middle of any persons family. That certainly isn't my place. However, I don't feel it appropriate that I have to do without my significant other simply becuase they will not stand up to theirs. I did it to mine and made it clear that if my loved one wasn't welcome than I wasn't. It hasn't been a month though since I raised this very issue and recieved reassurance that it wouldn't be a problem. I don't know maybe I am being overly sensitive to this. Maybe I am dreading the memories that will not be had on our first real holiday. Perhaps it will be not standing beside him when it's my turn to give thanks while holding his hand. Or perhaps it will be when I do the annual pilgrimage to the cemetary to place my Grandparent's Tree on their grave I will do it knowing that the now most important person in my life isn't there if I need a shoulder to cry on. Even not being able to be part of their life on the most thankful of days for a period of time is something I am having a VERY VERY difficult time with doing.

Perhaps I am just being overly sentimental. I don't know. All I can say is Happy Holidays. Let's hope history doesn't repeat itself.


Christopher said...

I can understand being sentimental about the holidays and family gatherings. I also see your point about wanting your BF to stand up to his family. Been there done that. Have patience and give it time. Happy Thanksgiving.

Positive girl said...

The holidays always do that to me...Be strong.

Sharlene said...

I am in my second year of medical school and we are in our "Skin, Blood and Lymph" section. I am learning a lot about life with HIV/AIDS from your blog. I appreciate the honesty in your posts and I thank you for helping me put life to a disease I only [currently and not even that well at this point] understand with facts and numbers. As I read your posts, I notice myself going through a wide range of emotions. This has been so enriching and educational.



Aaron said...
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+PHc said...

From a long-term positive stranger, I wish you the very best of the new year.


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