25 December 2009

I Am But One Light

MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL! Last night I went to a Candlelight Service at church (I will talk about my new church in a bit) and had one of the most beautiful and touching experiences of my life. The Chicago Children's Choir was singing Stille Nacht (Silent Night), when they got through the first verse ushers moved through the aisles and lit congregants candles. As this process was going on lights in the church went out until the only light was that of our candles. It was during this time that I completely stopped and let myself be taken by the stillness and was at absolute peace. For me symbolically all the tiny candle flames reminded me of the struggle and those who fight for HIV/AIDS related causes. My one flame in that huge church didn't really make that large of a difference but without it undeniably it would have been a little darker. During this and any holiday season (and for that fact ALL YEAR LONG) it's about realizing and extending a hand to those who are less fortunate. Yes true I am but one light just as you who are reading this is one light, but without that light, our struggle and fight would be a little darker. There is more I want to say on this subject but to do so requires me to share with you info about my new faith community. I stumbled upon Unitarian Universalism by complete accident. It has been the most WELCOMING and wonderful experience in terms of my spiritual life. If you want to read more about them go to www.uua.org Part of our denomination is that there is no creed or dogma. We adhere to The 7 Principles. One of them is "Respect for the interdependent web of existence of which we are all apart." It doesn't matter our financial situations, our disabilities, our cultural or religious differences. When it comes down to the "nitty gritty" we are all part of the exact same web of existence. I urge you to take this attitude as you head into the new year. Imagine how much better our world and lives would be if we all took embraced that powerful principle. Let's pass the flame on and light up our world. I am but one light.

As some of you know my birthday is RAPIDLY approaching, December 30th to be exact (for those of you who didn't know) :) This year in lieu of gifts I am asking that people make a contribution to The Foundation for AIDS Research. You may do so through my facebook page. I will post a link to the fundraising link below. Any help you can give to the Foundation is appreciated and will help fight HIV/AIDS. Thanks in advance for the consideration and donation if possible. http://apps.facebook.com/causes/birthdays/244103

I wish you all love and peace during the remainder of the holiday season as well as the years to come! I love and appreciate you all.

Peace and love,


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richiehwy11 said...

Happy early Birthday! - in case I forget. The service sounds truly inspiring. Wish I could have been there to experience it.

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