15 June 2011

Today's A Big Day!!!!

I have expressed many times that I am humbled by the overwhelming and unexpected success of this blog. Without you the followers and readers this blog would have just disappeared. With you help I have been able to reach people who not only just found out they were positive but others who have in fact been living with HIV/AIDS for years. With many thanks to ALL of you my dream of spreading awareness and giving a face to this illness is reaching a new height.  Yesterday I was contacted by a Senior Producer at CNN who asked if I would be interested in being a featured guest on CNN live to discuss living with the illness and how over the years I have thrived. I jumped at the opportunity and can't wait to share my thoughts with the world.  The segment is scheduled to air TODAY AT 1:45 CENTRAL TIME WHICH IS 2:45 EASTERN.

Yes, I took the first step by creating this blog but since then its been you who have taken the steps to help make my blog, not me, the true success story. I am forever humbled and in your debt for helping to give me this once in a lifetime opportunity. I hope to not only do this blog, my friends and family, proud but most of all I want to make YOU my followers and supporters proud. Thank you again for your help, love and support over the years. You are the true stars.

With many thanks, hugs, and love,



resolve said...

Hi James, we love what you are doing with your successful blog.Congrats on getting to share your information on CNN. The Chronic Disease Fund is joining the fight and has a promising, patented AIDS vaccine. The hopeful vaccine works to prevent HIV from evolving into AIDS. This is big because it could spare patients a lifetime of ordeal and expense. The CDF has started the re:solve AIDS project to raise funds to put the vaccine through human testing. Please join the fight and help the re:solve project at www.resolvefromcdf.org.

Maria said...

I just found your blog today and I am so happy I did. I admire your bravery, not only for fighting this disease but mainly for deciding to so an such an open way. If others like you had the courage to open up the dialogue of HIV/AIDS the stigma would not be so bad, I'm sure.

Keep up the good work.

Durex Condoms said...
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Sudha said...

wishes for you and I am glad i found ur blog..keep going buddy

Anonymous said...

Great blog you have here..Keep on posting share your life with others. You make HIV patients life more easier.. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

This is a great blog! Here is an article about Thomas Fransen, LCSW talking about his HIV/AIDS status from a magazine.

I'm Only Human

Anonymous said...

Keep at it! I have not been able to stop reading, and commenting, on your posts for an hour. I love your writing and feel you bring up wonderful points to discuss.

Adriana said...

Hi James,

I really admire how inspirational you are. Keep up the good work.


Sudha said...

hope u are doing well...happy christmas and a new year. wishing for a breakthru in cure this year..

Anonymous said...

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Dave Wessner said...

What a great blog. Thanks for sharing. I hope you can follow our class blog - http://knowthestatus.blogspot.com - and follow us on Twitter - #BIO363 - as the students learn more about HIV/AIDS

Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

Anshul said...

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Victor Lim said...

great blogs!

John said...

Very insightful post! Glad to hear your site is doing so well. Looking forward to reading more about HIV from you!